Spare Faux-Fur Fleece Day Bed Covers

Handy to have on stand by so you don't have to rush a wash through!

A spare cover means that you just don't have to rush with the washing to make life that little bit easier.

A pretty cotton print on one side and our super-soft Faux-Fur Fleece on the other, this is a bed cover that offers the best of both worlds! Cotton side up in the warm weather and Faux-Fur Fleece side up when it's a bit cooler. 

Charley Chau Faux-Fur Fleece Day Bed Covers have a zip closure and are machine washable - gorgeous and practical! Buy one in the same colour as your original Day Bed or choose a different colour for a change of scene!

Faux-Fur Fleece Day Bed Covers are made to fit Charley Chau Day Bed Mattresses. The Medium size is also fab as a cover for the mattress in a Medium size Deeply Dishy Bed.

  • Medium - 80x60cm
  • Large - 100x80cm

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