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Give a dog a home: Nuts & Honey

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As part of our ongoing support for Greyhound West of England (www.grwe.com) we post details of some of the beautiful dogs in their care that need a new home, like Nuts and Honey …

Nuts and Honey are looking for a new home together

Nuts and Honey are 6 years old, a gorgeous brother and sister pair who are completely devoted to each other! They have spent their whole lives together, having been kennelled together in Ireland from a young age, and then finding a new home in 2011.

Sadly though they are going through a tough time at the moment as their owners are no longer able to keep them any longer. They are very much a pair and GRWE are desperate to find them a home together. Anyone who has ever had more than one greyhound at a time knows that two are just as good, if not better, than one!

Nuts loves being stroked under his chin and almost goes into a trance with the pleasure of being made a fuss of. Honey is rather more coy with her affections but is happy to be stroked and is a lovely friendly girl. Both dogs are sociable and are clearly missing their home comforts. They are used to being left alone for up to around for 4 hours at a time. As with many sighthounds that are not brought up with cats form an early age they will need a feline free home!

If you know someone who might be able to offer these two beautiful dogs a home, please share this page with them; or if you might be the one please please call GRWE on 07000 785 092 or fill out the enquiries form on the GRWE website at: www.grwe.com/homingWelfare_dogsForHoming.asp.

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