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Replacement Deep-Filled Dog Mattresses

Replacement Deep-Filled Dog Mattresses


Replacement Mattress Pads for Charley Chau Beds

Our deep-filled luxury mattress pads are designed to perform over time but accidents can happen and if your Charley Chau Mattress has encountered an irreversible trauma (we’ll leave it to your imagination), the good news is that Replacement Mattress pads are available.

We also think it's a good thing to replace your dog's mattress each year in line with the guidance for human pillows - after all, bedding does see a lot of use, especially if your dog sleeps in the same bed every night! 

Our Replacement Rectangular Mattress Pads fit Charley Chau Snuggle Beds, Day Beds and Deeply Dishy Beds. The Oval Mattress Pads fit our Oval Dog Bed Mattresses for our Oval Rattan Dog Baskets.  And the Round Mattress Pads fit the base mattress in our Ducky Donut Beds.

Charley Chau Mattress Pads are deep-filled with insulating hollowfibre (commonly found in human anti-allergy pillows) and designed with internal wall panels to help prevent the fibre filling from moving around so that your dog won’t have to put up with unwelcome lumps or bumps even after washing in a machine.

Made in England with love.

Replacement Mattress Sizes - Rectangular

Dimensions are approximate (cm)

  • Small – 60x50cm
  • Medium – 75x55cm
  • Medium Plus - 80x68cm
  • Large - approx 100x80cm

Replacement Mattress Sizes - Oval

Approximate dimensions (cm)

  • Extra Small - 50x39cm
  • Small - 58x48cm
  • Medium - 73x60cm
  • Large - 80x70cm
  • Extra Large - 96x80cm

Replacement Mattress Sizes - Round

Approximate dimensions (cm)

  • Small - 55cm diameter
  • Medium - 65cm diameter
  • Large - 80cm diameter

Wash care guide

Charley Chau Mattresses Pads are machine washable on a gentle, synthetics cycle at up to 40 degrees using a low spin speed (less than 900). Do not use quick wash or standard cotton wash cycles as they deliver too much agitation during the wash which can cause clumping. Reshape while damp if necessary and dry naturally in a well ventilated space. Large and Extra Large Mattresses need to be washed in a large capacity machine. 

Charley Chau's machine washable Waterproof Bed Liners can reduce the need to wash the mattress pad and we particularly recommend them for large and extra large size mattresses.

For more info on wash care please see our nerds guide to wash care.