Pure New Wool Dog Blanket

Classic 100% Pure New Wool Dog Blankets in contemporary colours at a very reasonable price!

There is something about Pure New Wool that we find irrisistible. Perhaps it's the timeless tradition of wool blankets around the home that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years, or perhaps it's the fact that these blankets get softer and softer as time goes by.

Pure New Wool is wonderfully warm but breathable and a lovely natural fibre to have in your home. Dog blankets don't have to stick out like a sore thumb and Charley Chau's Pure New Wool Dog Blankets are a wonderful addition to any home interior. Especially perfect for your sofa or your bed!

Charley Chau Pure New Wool Dog Blankets are machine washable too (expect 5-10% shrinkage on the first wash as with any machine washable wool).


  • Medium - 90 x 75 cm
  • Large - 115 x 100 cm)

Made in England with love, Yorkshire to be precise!

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