About Us

Charley Chau makes beautiful bedding for dogs that looks gorgeous in your home

We design our range of luxury dog beds and stylish dog blankets at our studio in Manchester on the site of a converted Victorian brewery, and work with some amazing suppliers to have our designs made exclusively for Charley Chau to the highest standards. We’re very proud that all of our fabric based bedding is made in England with love.

Founded in 2010 after endless frustrating searches for bedding for our first Italian Greyhounds, Anna and Charley. It was impossible to find good quality bedding that would actually look nice at home so Christine took matters into her own hands and hand-stitched two Snuggle Beds – the first ever Charley Chau beds although we didn’t know it then! After posting a photo on Facebook of Anna and Charley tucked up in their new Snuggle Bed Christine was inundated with requests for her to make them for other people's dogs!

Unfortunately Christine can't really sew and had to say no! Jenny (older and wiser sister) stepped in and together we went about looking into having our designs made by professional manufacturers. After months of research and road trips all around the country to meet suppliers and manufacturers, we felt confident enough that we had found some great partners to work with and Charley Chau was born!

We launched with our signature Snuggle Beds and since then have designed and launched lots of other fabulous luxury dog beds, wood, wicker & rattan dog beds and stylish dog blankets. We’re incredibly proud that there are now happy campers enjoying their Charley Chau Beds & Blankets in over twenty five countries around the world! See our map of CharleyLove!

We’re always working on new ideas, prototyping, testing, changing, testing some more … nothing gets launched until we, and our army of product testers (our own pack and lots of others too) are 110% happy with it. The Kennel Club featured our company on the Crufts website and the article is worth a read for an insight into our design ethic: “Charley Chau – a new breed of luxury dog bedding company?

Our Product Testers in Chief are of course our own little Italian Greyhounds … Anna, Charley, Tino and Theo. Who would have thought when they first came home that they would inspire us to set up our own business – we have a lot to thank them for!

We’d love it if you stayed in touch!

Christine & Jenny 

Charley Chau

T: 0161 848 8702 
E: hello@charleychau.com


Charley - who we named the company after
Charley - the one and only

Anna - in the first ever Charley Chau Snuggle Bed
Beautiful Anna Bananna

Tino - at home
Tino - aka 'Little Ninja Dog' 

Theo - our American boy
Theo - our 'American Boy'