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Where have all the blankets gone??!!

Those of you who are keen to get your hands on some of our gorgeous Faux-Fur & Fleece Blankets, and our Double Fleece Blankets may have noticed that we're running extremely low on stock at the moment in some sizes and colour options. Huge apologies for the inconvenience caused while we are waiting for deliveries from our sewing team.

Charley says: "they're worth waiting for!"

We're having an amazing period of sales for our small business at the moment and even though in July we ordered what we thought was more than enough stock to see us through the Autumn Winter season our blankets have been so popular that some colours and sizes are sold out.

New Faux-Fur & Fleece Blanket Collection

We are hoping that we will be launching our new collection of Faux-Fur & Fleece Blankets in December in time for Christmas. The new collection includes the lovely Oatmeal and Charcoal faux-furs that so many of our happy customers are enjoying already and also three fabulous new faux-furs - Foxy, Squirrel and Snow Leopard - sneak peak below.

Three new faux-furs joining our collection

Double Fleece Blankets

*** Update 2 December 2013 - we had a small delivery fof some of our Double Fleece Blankets so we now have everything back in stock except Oyster in both sizes and Mocha & Charcoal in Medium. Red is available in both sizes. Charcoal & Mocha are available in Large and we have a limited edition Camel Fleece in both Medium and Large! ***

We're out of stock of all Large size Double Fleece Blankets except for the lovely Red fleece at the moment and again we're hoping to have more stock of all colours and all sizes in December.

Frustratingly we're not able to give a firm delivery date right now as the sewing team we work with are a professional sewing team who sew for some huge high street retailers and unfortunately as a very small business we are quite often bumped to the bottom of the priority list. Some customers have asked why we don't switch team and the simple answer is that the team we work with deliver amazing quality that we haven't been able to match elsewhere so it's a trade off which is not very convenient at times like this but the quality of the blankets we are able to produce through them is fantastic.

But we do have lots of other lovely blankets in stock ...

If you need a blanket in a hurry and can't wait then do take a look at some of our other fabulous blankets: Faux-Fur Fleece Comforters, Merino Wool Comforters, Pure New Wool Blankets and Merino Wool Blankets - all super-cosy and machine washable too!

The boys on the sofa - protected (the sofa that it is) with one of our lovely Comforters - keeps your sofa clean and the dogs love the cosiness of the fluffy top!

Charley wrapped up in a Merino Wool Blanket in Alaskan Blue

Machine Washable Pure New Wool Blankets - naturally fabulous!

We'll be posting updates about our blankets as they come back into stock on our blog but also on Facebook too - If you have any questions about our blanket collection please don't hesitate to contact us on

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