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About Us

Charley Chau makes beautiful bedding for dogs that looks gorgeous in your home

Charley Chau is a family-owned, small British business founded by two crazy dog ladies, Christine and Jenny Chau (sisters too) in 2010, inspired by our gang of  Italian Greyhounds.

When we sat on the sitting room floor one afternoon in 2010, hand-sewing a Snuggle Bed for Charley and Anna, we had no idea that it would lead Charley Chau. We posted photos on Facebook of what is now our signature Charley Chau Snuggle Bed and we were inundated with requests. That's how Charley Chau was born. No shiny business strategy, no big shiny plan – just a quirky little hobby, born out of love for our dogs, that we thought might be good fun in our spare time.

Our first ten years at Charley Chau

We left our "proper jobs" in the City in 2012 and have never looked back, focusing on designing beautiful dog bedding that we wanted for own our dogs, determined to deliver comfort levels and style and quality that just wasn't available when we started out.

We made a decision early on to grow Charley Chau organically - we've funded the growth of our small company from our own pockets, even moving back into our family home with our mother at one point to save money so that we could keep funding Charley Chau in the early days - we have a very supportive and fab mother! There's been a lot of hard work involved and a very steep learning curve but we wouldn't change any of it and we feel extremely lucky to do what we do.  

More than ten years on from that fateful afternoon on the sitting room floor, our ‘accidental' business now has customers in over sixty countries around the world. Our customers vary from ordinary dog folk just like us, to baronesses and billionaires but they all have one thing in common – they want the absolute best for their dogs and that’s why they buy a Charley Chau.

We make beautiful bedding for dogs that is cosy, stylish and practical and every Charley Chau is made to perform over time. Charley Chau is accredited by Made in Britain. We're proud supporters of British manufacturing and of our fabric-based beds and blankets are made with love in England to the highest standards.

Charley Chau has taken on a life of its own with the amazing support of our customers around the world and, despite still being a small team, we were named UK Family Business Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 at the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards which was an extraordinary honour.

Charley Chau - Great British Entrepreneur AwardsAnna, Charley and Theo with our Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Family Business Entrepreneurs of the Year for the North, Entrepreneurs of the Year for the North, and National Winner of Family Business Entrepreneurs of the Year

Our little monkeys are the inspiration behind Charley Chau so we have a lot to thank them for, not just because they’re ace bed testers but because they have literally turned our lives upside and for the better!

Charley Chau Italian GreyhoundsOur cheeky monkeys ... from left to right: Charley (at the back), Tino, Mabel, Theo and Anna who you'll find starring in photos across our website

We’d love it if you stayed in touch – we’re online every day sharing photos of our gang and chatting to our customers & other friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Made in Britain

Charley Chau is a proud supporter of British manufacturing, and accredited by Made in Britain. All Charley Chau fabric based beds and blankets are made in England with love.

Made in Britain