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Petiquette Leather Dog ID Tag Collar - Leather House Collar
Petiquette Leather Dog ID Tag Collar - Leather House Collar
Petiquette Leather Dog ID Tag Collar - Leather House Collar
Petiquette Leather Dog ID Tag Collar - Leather House Collar
Petiquette Leather Dog Collars & Leads - Leather Colour Options

Leather House Collars for ID Tags


Leather House Collars - smart and practical

A smart and stylish solution to ensuring that your dog is wearing an ID tag even when at home and without having to wear a regular collar!

These fabulous Leather House Collars are made with fine Nappa Leather - soft, supple and lightweight and also very comfortable for your dog. They can be worn at home and alongside a more substantial “outdoor” collar too.

Leather House Collars are meant to be loose fitting so that they sit lower on your dog's neck than a regular collar, although we recommend that they are not so loose that they can slip over your dog's head. Our Leather House Collars have a simple spring clasp and a solid circular loop to attach an ID Tag (ID tags are not supplied).

Note that these lovely Leather House Collars are a lightweight collar and not suitable to have a lead attached for walking.  

If the size you require is not listed please email us with the length you require and we will have it made up for you: hello@charleychau.com.

Made in England with love.

Please note: House Collars are lightweight and loose and there is a risk in exceptional circumstances that an object could get caught in the collar - just as with any collar. We advise all dog owners to exercise their own judgement and bear in mind that in certain circumstances it may be sensible to remove a House Collar and replace it with a standard collar for ID tag purposes e.g. if you have two young, boisterous puppies who enjoy biting each other's necks when unattended. Our own four little monkeys wear their house collars all day, every day, whether with us or on their own at home with no problems.

Measuring your dog’s neck

The best way to fit a Leather House Collar is to measure an existing dog collar and add a bit! Lay the collar flat on a table and measure from the tip of the buckle to the centre of the hole that you use to fasten the collar on your dog for a comfortable and secure fit (not the entire length of the collar).

Once you have the measurement we recommend that you add 1” to 2” to calculate the length of the ID Tag Collar. Add 1” for smaller breed dogs such as Italian Greyhounds and up to 2” for larger breed dogs such as Labradors and Greyhounds. This will allow the ID Tag Collar to sit slightly lower on your dog’s neck than their regular collar so the two won’t rub when worn together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any help in deciding what size to order: hello@charleychau.com.

When to expect your made-to-order collar

Our Classic Leather Dog Collars are hand made to order and usually dispatched within 14 days from the date of the order. UK delivery then takes 1-3 working days within the UK. International delivery times vary greatly depending on the destination but as a rough guide usually 5-10 working days.

The Petiquette workshop is relocating to new premises.  While they move and settle into their new home, the lead time for any orders placed on or after Tuesday, 22 August and up to Monday, 11th September increases to four weeks.  Two receive your order within the usual 14 days, please place your order by Monday, 21 August.