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Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

ID Tag Collars / House Collars


Leather House Collars for ID Tags - smart, comfy and practical

Our Leather House Collars are a smart and comfy solution to ensuring that your dog is wearing an ID tag without having to wear a chunkier "walking out" collar.

Our Leather House Collars are made with fine Nappa Leather - supple, lightweight and comfy for your dog, even if they are wearing one 24/7. 

Leather House Collars are meant to be loose fitting so that they sit lower on your dog's neck than a regular collar, although we recommend that they are not so loose that they can slip over your dog's head. Our Leather House Collars have a simple spring clasp and a solid circular loop to attach an ID Tag (ID tags are not supplied).

Note that these lovely Leather House Collars are a lightweight collar and not suitable to have a lead attached for walking.  

If the size you require is not listed please email us with the length you require and we will have it made up for you:

Made in England with love.

Please note: in November 2017 we refreshed our collar and lead colour palette. If you are trying to order collars/leads to match items ordered prior to November 2017 but the colour is no longer shown please email us and we will do our best to help:

Please note: House Collars are lightweight and loose and there is a risk in exceptional circumstances that an object could get caught in the collar - just as with any collar. We advise all dog owners to exercise their own judgement and bear in mind that in certain circumstances it may be sensible to remove a House Collar and replace it with a standard collar for ID tag purposes e.g. if you have two young, boisterous puppies who enjoy biting each other's necks when unattended. Our own four little monkeys wear their house collars all day, every day, whether with us or on their own at home with no problems.

Measuring for a House Collar/ID Tag Collar 

To ensure that you order the right size House Collar for your dog, measure an existing collar that fits your dog well - either a classic 'straight' collar or a Sighthound style collar.

Take the existing collar and lay it flat. Measure from the centre of the buckle (usually this is also the beginning of the leather - shown below as point 'A') to the centre of the hole that you currently use to fasten the collar on your dog for a comfortable and secure fit (shown below as point 'B'). Take the measurement in inches if possible.

Measuring for a bespoke dog collar

Once you have the measurement you need to add from 1" up to 2" for the length of the House Collar - we usually advise 1" for smaller breed dogs and up to 2" for larger breed dogs. In the example above, the standard collar measurement is 15" therefore the dog will require a House Collar that is a minimum of 16" long, but could have a 17" collar if a looser fit is required.

If you have any questions about sizing please feel free to contact us on

When to expect your made-to-order collar

All of our collars and leads are made to order and usually dispatched within 2 weeks from the date of order with shipping times dependent upon the delivery destination (UK is usually a further 2-3 working days). At busy periods, the dispatch time may be extended slightly. Made in England with love.