Dog Snuggle Beds & Burrow Bags for Burrowing Dogs


    Charley Chau's Dog Snuggle Beds and Dog Burrow Bags are designed for all dogs that love to sleep under blankets. Our Classic Dog Snuggle Bed is the bed that launched Charley Chau in 2010, and has been tried and tested by literally thousands of very cosy dogs all over the world. Our Dog Snuggle Beds an Burrow Bags are designed like a sleeping bag for dogs but with a gorgeously comfy mattress in the base, and with a choice of classic blanket or winter warm duvet tops. Which dogs like Snuggle Beds and Burrow Bags? If you see your dog trying to poke their nose to get under a blanket, or the duvet on your bed, then they will almost certainly love a Charley Chau Dog Snuggle Bed! 

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