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Bow Tie Collar by Holly&Lil

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£97.00 - £224.00
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For smart days, fun days and even every day – smiles are guaranteed with Holly&Lil’s Bow Tie Collar

We love this jaunty little collar. Canine fashion statements are notreally our thing but our little monkeys were invited to a family wedding and I decided they needed something a bit special and settled on this fabulous creation by Holly&Lil.

Holly &Lil’s Bow Tie is not like other bow tie collars. Holly&Lil's Bow Tie is handcrafted with a super-soft calf leather, and each little cream polka dot painstakingly cut and fixed into place with precision – the workmanship is something really very special.

While we picked this collar for a special occasion, they are equally brilliant for every day for a jaunty, happy vibe.

Matching leads are also available, with or without a bow tie on the base of the hand loop on the lead.

Choosing the right size collar

The sizes shown for our dog collars (e.g. 10.5" - 12.5" or 13" - 16") indicate the position of the first fastening hole to the last hole, not the length of the actual collar overall. Ideally the collar should fasten in the middle of the fastening holes on a collar when fitted correctly for your dog. Please see our guide to Measuring for a Dog Collar for detailed instructions on how to measure and fit your dog for a collar. 

Bow Tie Leather Care 

To keep the leather on this Bow Tie Dog Collar in peak condition, use a good quality leather balsam to treat the leather from time to time.

If the collar needs to be cleaned, rinse under cold or lukewarm water; use a mild shampoo if necessary and rub gently. Pat dry with a soft towel – soak up as much water as possible. Dry naturally away from direct heat. 

If your dog is treated with any topical medicines in the neck area, please do not put the collar on your dog for at least 48 hours - this includes when treating with "spot on" type flea/tick treatments. Some medicines contain strong chemicals that can affect the leather on the collar.


The sizes offered on our website are usually delivered in the UK within seven days from the date of order. Deliveries outside the UK usually take 2-3 weeks depending on the destination country. If you require an express delivery service please contact us for a shipping quote.

Need something else?

If your dog's collar size is not listed please contact us as we may still be able to help.