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Leather Puppy Dog Collar - handmade to order
Leather Puppy Dog Collar - handmade to order
Leather Puppy Dog Collar - handmade to order
Leather Puppy Dog Collar - handmade to order
Nappa Leather colour options

Classic Leather Puppy Collars

Leather Colour

A beautiful Leather Puppy Collar in soft, supple Nappa Leather

Our handmade Leather Puppy Collars are made from a fine Nappa Leather and available in twelve fabulous colours - plain and simple but very, very stylish! 

Choose a bold, bright colour for a fun, stylish look or choose a deeper, muted colour for classic, old-school style. Whichever you choose your puppy will be super-smart from day one! 

Matching Leather Dog Leads and Leather House Collars are also available.

Each Leather Puppy Dog Collar is handmade to order. Our standard sizes are listed above but we can make to specific requirements. Please email us on hello@charleychau.com and we will do everything we can to help.

Our handmade collars and leads are usually delivered in the UK within 14 days of receiving the order.

Made in England with love.

Sizing & Care

To ensure that you order the right size Puppy Dog Collar for your puppy the best thing to do is to measure your puppy's neck. Lay two fingers flat against your puppy's neck (vertically so your finger tips are pointing either to the sky or to the floor) and use a soft measuring tape to measure around the middle of your puppy's neck.

Once you have the measurement you then need to choose the right size collar. Our collars are sized in 2" increments e.g. 8"-10" or 9"-11", etc. The measurement you have taken of your puppy's neck should be the same as the smaller measurement on the collar size. So if your puppy's neck measures 10" you will need a 10-12" collar. This will allow for your puppy to grow. 

If you have any questions about sizing please feel free to contact us on hello@charleychau.com.

Caring for your handmade Leather Puppy Dog Collar

The lovely Nappa leather used to make our Leather Dog Collars is soft and supple and, like many of the finer things in life, appreciates a little TLC! To help keep the leather in tip-top shape we recommend that you use a good quality leather balsam to clean and condition the leather collar all year round.

When to expect your made-to-order collar

Our Classic Leather Dog Collars are hand made to order and usually dispatched within 14 days from the date of the order. UK delivery then takes 1-3 working days within the UK. International delivery times vary greatly depending on the destination but as a rough guide usually 5-10 working days.