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How to measure for a Leather Dog Collar

Classic and Sighthound Collars

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you order the right size collar for your dog is to measure an existing collar that fits your dog well.

Take the existing collar and lay it flat on a table. Using a tape measure, measure from the tip of the buckle to the centre of the existing hole that you use to fasten the collar on your dog for a comfortable and secure fit. Take the measurement in inches if possible.

Once you have the measurement you then need to allow 1” either side of the measurement. For example, if the measurement taken (in line with our instructions above) is 11", you will need a 10-12" collar. If the measurement taken is 16" you will need to order a 15"-17" collar. This means that if your dog puts on a little bit of weight, or loses a little bit of weight, there will be eyelets either side for you to go up or go down when fastening the collar.

House Collars / ID Tag Collars

If you are ordering a House Collar (also known as an ID Tag Collar) measure your dog's normal collar as outlined above for a normal "walking out" collar.

Once you have the measurement we recommend that you add 1” to 2” to calculate the length of the ID Tag Collar. Add 1” for smaller breed dogs such as Italian Greyhounds and up to 2” for larger breed dogs such as Labradors and Greyhounds. This will allow the ID Tag Collar to sit slightly lower on your dog’s neck than their regular collar so the two won’t rub when worn together.

If you have any questions about sizing please feel free to contact us on hello@charleychau.com.