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Bright & beautiful - Double Fleece Blankets in Red

It's a bit grey and gloomy at the moment so this morning I thought it would be fun to bring out something bright and cheery and settled on one of our Double Fleece Blankets in Red. Theo agreed and we spent a lovely morning together in the studio.


Theo is really the little baby in our pack and he's the one who most wants to be by my side whatever I'm doing.  So when I put the Faux-Fur Fleece Comforter down in the studio this morning and added one of our Double Fleece Blankets he came trotting over and settled down to watch the world go by.  It wasn't too long before he decided it was time for a snooze ... 

The Red Double Fleece Blanket shown in these photos is made with two layers of our super-soft anti-pil fleece and stitched with a simple border. Warm, cosy and very practical. Perfect for muddy, wet weather as they're moisture-wicking and dry really quickly! Available in two sizes - Medium (100x70cm) and Large (140x140cm) from £38.00. Other colours also available.

View the Double Fleece Blankets

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