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Sleepy Theo ... an insight into how we take our photographs

Many of our customers and other friends see the photographs that we post of our Italian Greyhounds not only on our website but also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Our four little monkeys come to work with us every day and so we have lots of opportunities to take pictures of them and we love to share the results - good, bad or otherwise! 

This is one of my favourite photos of Theo that I took yesterday ...

And for an insight into how we manage to capture shots like this, and all the other photos that we post everywhere, see the video below ...

I started taking our photographs when we launched Charley Chau in 2010. As a tiny little business there was no way we could afford the fees for a professional photographer so I had to get to grips with learning how to photograph our products and also our dogs. It's very much an ongoing learning experience, and obviously still very amateur, but I really enjoy taking our photos and it means that all the shots are genuine moments of our four little monkeys just hanging out and using the beds and blankets that they inspired us to design! It feels kind of right so we're going to stick with at it for now!

Theo was snoozing in a small size Deeply Dishy Dog Bed in Weave Pewter dressed with a medium Faux-Fur Blanket in Oatmeal.

We post lots of photos out there - do join us on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram if you haven't already!

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