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Winners of our Most Fantastic Photo Competition are ...

WOW. We asked for fantastic photos and we received over 300 fantastic photo entries into our photo comp from FB, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you so much to everyone who entered - it has been amazing to look through all the truly brilliant photos. The full gallery is at the foot of this page if you haven't yet seen them.

Some of the images are stunning, stunning captures that are jaw-droppingly beautiful, many made us all fuzzy and warm, and some made us laugh out loud in a good way ... it has been a very tough job.

Unfortunately there can only be 3 winners and 3 runners so here they are ...

Winner, Most Fantastic Photo of a Charley Chau Bed

"I'm not sleeping, I'm snuggling!" Zoe Dawson via Facebook

A beautiful picture that made us feel proud to have designed the Charley Chau Snuggle Bed - happy, comfy dogs is what it's all about :-) 

Runner-Up - Most Fantastic Photo of a Charley Chau Bed

"Did I mention I loved the bed?" @teddycavdoodle007 via Instagram

This image really made us smile - a lot - and we love the way that you kind of have to look twice to work out which are toys and which is Teddy! 

Winner - Most Fantastic Photo of a Charley Chau Blanket

"This is the more usual sight of Hector, Wrapped up and in a Charley Chau blanket.. Snug as a whippey in a rug :-) "
Richard Day via Facebook

We ummed and arghhed about whether or not a pro photographer should be allowed to win this category but we just had to pick it - beautiful dog, beautiful photo and a little festive cheer to boot!

Runner-Up - Most Fantastic Photo of a Charley Chau Blanket

"Old bear in his @charleychau blankie" @thunderail_pugs via Instagram

Just way cute ... look at that little tongue poking out!

Winner - Most Fantastic 'I Love My Dog' Photo

@jonelle89 via Instagram

The most difficult category to pick a winner because there could have been at least a hundred winners. In the end, this capture had to be the one. Love the spontaneity and the smiles - happy days and perfect for 'I Love My Dog'.

 Runner-Up - Most Fantastic 'I Love My Dog' Photo

@simonebraendle via Instagram

We can't believe that a photo as beautiful as this is a runner up in our comp. A stunning capture. It made us think of those dog walks when you set off in a beautiful spot, the light is bright and the air crisp, the dogs are happy and it's just one of those perfect dog moments that makes you think "I love my dog".

Congratulations to all our winners and once again, a huge thank you to everyone who entered our competition! All the entries are below for you to browse through - you can see we had a very tough job!


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