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Harry the blind Jack Russell - our week 2 finalist in the Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards

A very deserving winner has been chosen as our Week 2 finalist in the Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards! Congratulations to Harry the Jack Russell and Jacqui Watts who won under our theme of "dogs that have overcome adversity".

We think that when you read his story you'll understand why he had to be the winner! 

"Hi this is Harry. He is my 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier and he is blind. Before he had his eyes removed he loved to do agility and terrier racing was his favourite thing. Since going blind Harry has made me laugh, cry, jump for joy and most of all burst with pride. He has the most fantastic attitude to life and won't let a small thing like having no eyes stop him from having fun, showing off and living his life to the full. 
Harry still likes to do agility we have both learnt together to adjust his commands so we can still make it round. He still loves to do his tricks and is thrilled with himself if he can make people applaud him. My proudest moment this year was Harry's 2nd place in a doggie talent contest. Harry is an inspiration to me and hopefully all the people he meets too. I thought having a disabled dog would be a real trial but I could not have been more wrong and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for proving that to me."
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