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Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

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Jeannie Bean & Jinty - our week 3 finalists in the Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards!

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There were so many amazing stories this week entered into the third week of the Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards that it was very hard to choose a winner, especially after so many people had taken the time to share such moving stories about how their dogs help them live their daily lives.

In the end, we had to choose a winner and we're delighted that Jeannie & Jinty are this week's finalists and winners of a set of our gorgeous Merino Wool Blankets.  Jeannie & Jinty will now go through to our grand final and have the chance to win £100 worth of Charley Chau vouchers along side our other finalists.  Read Jeannie & Jinty's story below ...

"Well, where do I start? Before I start talking about my dog, Jinty, I need to tell you about me. I'm 24, and I'm not sure what else to say.... I've not had the easiest life, my dads never been there for me, I have been a victim of an awful crime that caused my self esteem to plummet while I was in my early teens.

Since I got Jinty, nearly two years ago now, my life has turned on a six pence. I went from an anti-social young person, too scared to leave the house without someone, and fearful on my own without any understand of achievement or self worth to someone who goes out of the house, to clubs, with my dog!

Jinty is a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier), and was in the dishwasher when I first met her. I still remember her first visit to the vets, only her and I..... I was terrified! But I had to control it for her!

Since having Jinty in my life, I have began to feel achievement.... Jinty is a keen learner, and everytime she learns something new, we've both achieved and I feel so proud of her. Through walking Jinty, and joining dog clubs, I have met people. I don't have many "friends" that actually socialise with me, but now I fit in easily with other "mad dog" people, and I love it! People with the same interests as me!

I know its sad, and its really not much, but my little dog has shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel, has often been the only reason I get out of bed or out of the house, and has been my constant companion through an amazing transition.

I would not imagine my life without my wee Jin, and a blanket for her would be nothing in comparison to what she has given me. I feel like we could climb mountains together. I hope you understand what I've tried to explain but words don't really come close!"