Deeply Dishy ... some photos of our very handsome Charley

Today we started taking photos of the new bed that we're launching in the next couple of weeks and snapped some rather lovely pictures of Charley looking particularly handsome in the office!


Everyone who likes us on Facebook already knows that we post an endless stream of photographs of the Charley Chau pack -  Charley, Anna, Tino and Theo, our gorgeous Italian Greyhounds. 

All of the photos we take are taken at home or in the office as we have our beds and blankets everywhere and our four little monkeys are in and out of them all day. We like our photos to be of our dogs using the beds in their natural environment - they're relaxed and comfy and we think you can see it in the pictures. We can't bear all those marketing shots out there where a dog has been plonked on a bed he/she has never seen before, let alone slept in, and told to sit while a complete stranger takes pictures - a bit phoney!

We expect it will take around a week for us to get the 5 or 6 photos that we need for the product page on our website, partly because we're such amateur photographers but also because we enjoy taking our time, capturing our guys on camera just hanging out watching the world go by :-) 

The Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Bed by Charley Chau will launch in the next few weeks. Like us on Facebook for photos and news straight to your newsfeed:


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