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New collection Faux-Fur Blankets now available!

Just in time for the cold weather! We’ve added three gorgeous faux-furs to our lush machine washable Faux-Fur Dog Blanket CollectionBrown Bear, Polar Bear and Lilac Rabbit.

Charley Chau Brown Bear Faux-Fur Dog Blanket

Brown Bear Faux-Fur Dog Blanket 
Rich, luxuriant and generally lush. Theo likes Brown Bear a lot! Absolutely gorgeous on the sofa and perfect if you want to luxe-up your dog’s existing bed.

Polar Bear Faux-Fur Dog Blanket
nowy white and seriously fluffy. Looks great with cream and neutral beige tones but also as a bold contrast against dark slate and rich browns.

Lilac Rabbit Faux-Fur Dog Blanket

Lilac Rabbit Faux-Fur Dog Blanket
Gorgeous grey-lilac tones – quirky and fun – we’re in love with this Faux-Fur! Perfect with silvery greys and dark slates.

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