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We love: Geoff Thompson at P’etiquette

We meet so many fantastic people running small businesses or working on really interesting projects and we thought what better way to show some support than to feature them on our Blog and share some love!  And who better to start our 'We love" posts than the lovely Geoff Thompson at P'etiquette ... 2012 we were delighted to start our collaboration with the lovely Geoff Thompson at P’etiquette
( who handcrafts the fabulous range of Leather Dog Collars and Leads that are available to order through our website. 

The Charley Chau / P’etiquette collaboration came about because we have been customers of Geoff’s for yonks and Charley, Anna, Tino and Theo wear only P’etiquette collars! We had always struggled to find good quality leather collars for our tiny Italian Greyhounds so when we discovered Geoff made every collar to order for a perfect fit we were over the moon!

Geoff started P’etiquette in 2009, making collars for his own dog Harry who joined last year by a new little brother called Jimmy. What started as a small business that Geoff was running for fun in his spare time while still holding down a day job as a pharmaceutical sales rep has grown so quickly that Geoff left his day job and now runs P’etiquette full time!

As most of our customers and friends know, we like clean simple lines and vibrant colour so we choose Geoff’s beautiful plain leather collars and leads for our own dogs – soft, supple Italian Calf Leather in a range of fabulous colours with simple styling that allows the quality of these hand-crafted collars to speak for itself.

Stylish plain & simple leather dog collars and leads made to order

But there’s also another side to P’etiquette … a fun, sparkly, crystal-embellished, charm-dangling side that’s guaranteed to make you smile!

Fleur de Lis Sighthound Collar

The work that goes into every single P’etiquette collar and lead is astonishing; Geoff hand-makes every piece himself. Each piece of leather is cut and shaped by hand, then every single crystal, charm and buckle is hand-riveted securely into place to create a collar that is not only visually stunning, but practical and made to last. Some of the collars in Geoff’s range can take up to 12 hours to complete! 

Chaos Theory Swarovski Crystal Collars

As you can probably tell, we love what Geoff is doing with P’etiquette! It’s not just the fabulous and fun range of collars and leads; it’s also the fact this is one person who has turned his ideas into these wonderful creations and is working really hard to develop that idea into a successful British business, and as we know from running a small business ourselves that’s no mean feat!

Some of our faves: Star Studded,  Jolly Roger and Love In The Stars

View the full range of P’etiquette collars and leads at and follow Geoff on Facebook at

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