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A simple mattress-style bed – and all the things you can do with it!

Our Day Bed is a dog bed in it’s simplest guise – a comfy mattress that can be placed on the floor. Not fussy, not flash, but lovely all the same. To find out more about our fab Day Beds see our Day Bed Collection.

So, a lovely mattress-style dog bed, but look at what you can do with this simple, mattress-style bed to create a super-cosy dog bed that's also drop-dead gorgeous …

… Teamed with squidgy deep sides to create a super-cosy bed with a den-like feel for your dog to hunker down in: The Deeply Dishy Dog Bed.

… Placed into a Raised Wicker Basket to create a super-smart raised dog bed that helps to keep your dog off cold floors and out of chilly draughts: Raised Wicker Basket …

… The perfect mattress for our stunning: Raised Rattan Dog Bed...



... and for our beautiful Raised Wooden Dog Beds.


We love our classic Day Beds, whether on their own or as the mattress in one of our other stunning beds! 

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