Thank you for all the fabulous photos for our 2014 Charity Wall Calendar

A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted a photo for our 2014 Charity Wall Calendar!

We have received just under 200 submissions and we’ve been so completely overwhelmed by the level of support for our project to raise money for Greyhound Rescue West of England (, and also delighted by the amazing quality of the photos that have been submitted! You can view some of the fab photos received in our 2014 Charity Wall Calendar Submissions Album on Facebook.

So, we now face the very, very difficult task of shortlisting the photos that we think will make our 2014 Wall Calendar as fabulous as possible so that we raise as much money as possible for GRWE! All profits from the sale of the calendar will go to GRWE who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds all over England. Sadly there are too many beautiful dogs who pass through their care every year and we’re proud to support the work that GRWE does.

Every single photo submitted deserves a place in the Calendar but sadly there won’t be enough space, not least because of the large number of photos submitted - many more than we would ever have dreamed of!

We are now shortlisting photos for the calendar from all of the submissions received. All of the photos that make the shortlist will be laid out in our calendar template and sent off for print sampling this week so that we can see how they look on paper. Once those paper print samples are in front of us we will make our final, final selection and post again here on our blog and our Charley Chau Facebook page.

Please bear with us while we finalise the calendar – no mean feat as it takes Christine around 3 hours to lay out each month in Photoshop as she has very limited Photoshop skills!!!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a photo – we’ve loved seeing all the gorgeous photos of our canine customers, as have many of our Facebook friends, and we’re so, so grateful for the support!

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