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A free Valentine's gift for your dog this February - our "I Woof You" Biscuit Box

A free Valentine's gift for your dog this February - our "I Woof You" Biscuit Box

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It's February and it's Valentine's as well as Love your Pet Day so it's time to share some CharleyLove! We're gifting our customers a woofly, freshly baked peanut butter biscuit box with every order for Charley Chau beds and blankets over £150*

Our "I Woof You" Biscuit Box has been baked specially for Charley Chau by the fabulous Tracy Emery at Polly's Dog Treats and is our gift to your dog this Valentine's!

This Valetine's box of delicious peanut butter biscuit treats is not available for sale anywhere else so it's really very special - and our gang can't get enough of them! 

To receive this woofly box of peanut butter biscuits this Valetine's simply place your order and we will do the rest! 

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* This offer is valid while stock last, with all orders for Charley Chau beds and blankets placed on this website over £150. As with all dog treats, the "I Woof You" biscuits should be fed only as an occasional treat as part of a balanced, complete diet. 

About Polly's Dog Treats 

Tracy founded Polly's Dog Treats, an artisan dog bakery, because her gorgeous Beagle, Polly, had a sensitive tummy and couldn't tolerate commercially produced treats. As Tracy spoke to more and more dog friends, she discovered that Polly wasn't alone and Polly's Dog Treats was born!

Baked with love in Tracy's home-based professional kitchen, every single biscuit is decorated by hand, and the icing is sugar free! Polly now no longer gets an upset tummy but she still gets to enjoy a treat as a reward - a real labour of love.

You can find the fabulous Polly's Dog Treats on Etsy >


Peanut Butter (no xylitol), Wholemeal Flour, Milk Yogurt Powder, Maize Flour, Tapioca Starch, Albumen and Maltodextrin.

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