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Waterproof Dog Bed Liner by Charley Chau

Fab Black Friday offer: Free Waterproof Mattress Liner with every Charley Chau Bed

IMPORTANT OFFER UPDATE! Due to unprecendented demand on our offer, we have sold out of Waterproof Liners in Medium and Large sizes. We are still honouring the offer of a free Wateroproof Mattress Liner (for beds ordered by midnight on Wednesday, 30 November 2022) but we will ship the beds ordered without the free Waterproof Mattress Liner in the first instance and will send the free Mattress Liner separately once they become available again which is expected to be in the week commencing 12 December. Huge apologies for the inconvenience caused - the demand for our beds has rocketed beyond anything we could have imagined hence the short delay.

A fab offer for our customers this Black Friday weekend ... receive a Waterproof Mattress Liner (worth up to £32.50) free of charge with any luxe dog bed in the Black Friday Offer Collection >

When ordering your bed, simply choose the size and colour you require and select the option for a Waterproof Mattress Liner which will be free of charge. Order by midnight (GMT) on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

Charley Chau Mattress with Waterproof Bed Liner Waterproof Mattress Liners keep everything out of a dog bed mattress - they simply pop onto the deep-filled mattress underneath the smart, outer bed cover, out of sight but doing some very important work behind the scenes!

Shop the Black Friday Offer collection of luxe dog beds >

My dog doesn't have 'accidents' so why do I need a Waterproof Liner?!

It’s not just about protecting from puppy or other accidents, especially during the winter months. Paws, legs, underbellies and tails in particular are getting downright dirty on our winter dog walks, and they’re also the canine body parts that make most contact with a dog beds. This creates a huge challenge when it comes to keeping our dogs cosy and snug in bed through the winter.

There's a serious hygiene issue too, a dust mite's idea of the perfect winter retreat is a warm, damp dog bed, plus the humid micro-climate in a dog bed is perfect for mildew, mould and other microbes to thrive. This is where the humble Waterproof Bed Liner comes into its own.

All luxe dog beds in the Charley Chau collection are available with a Waterproof Mattress Liner. To take advtange of our offer this Black Friday weekend, simply shop as usual on our site and order by midnight (GMT) on Wednesday, 30 November 2022. We've removed the price of a Waterproof Mattress Liner on all of the beds included in our offer! 

Day Bed Mattresses in Velour, Weave and Faroe Luxe Dog Bed Mattresses with free Waterproof Mattress Liner >

Deeply Dishy Dog Beds
Deeply Dishy Dog Beds in Velour, Weave and Cosmo fabrics with free Waterproof Mattress Liner >

Bliss Bolster Bed with free Waterproof Liner

The wonders of a Waterproof Liner 

Don't feed the wildlife!

Waterproof Liners act as a physical barrier to stop animal dander, dust and dirt from settling in a dog's mattress. That mix of muckiness, including all kinds of microbes, is a dust mite's idea of a winter feast. Cut off the food supply and your dog will have fewer unwelcome bed fellows this winter.

Keep smelling of roses

Stinky dog bed? That smell is the result of large numbers of bacteria, so washing the whole bed, or replacing the mattress, is the only way to truly get rid of it. Once you have a clean mattress, start afresh with a Waterproof Liner on the mattress to keep out moisture and tp starve the mites and other nasties.

If it's good enough for us

Our Waterproof Bed Liners are made from a soft, breathable fabric commonly used to make pillow protectors for humans in hospitals. It doesn't crinkle or crunch so there's no trade-off on comfort. Plus it's fully machine washable, or simply wipe clean with a pet-safe anti-bacterial spray in between washes.

Damp proof protection

The average dog spends 12-14 hours in bed each day and with damp coats in winter, there's a good chance their bed will become damp too. When too much moisture gets into a mattress, mildew and other undesirables can thrive. Breathing in fungal spores is not good for canines or humans, and damp proofing the mattress with a Waterproof Liner can prevent fungal growth.

Less work on wash days

It's obvious really: Waterproof Liners keep moisture and muck out of your dog's mattress so it stays cleaner for longer and you don't need to wash the mattress as often. Our Waterproof Bed Liners are fully removable and machine washable - just like all Spare Bed Covers in the Charley Chau collection. Simple, stress-free maintenance.

Barrier protection for every Charley Chau

Round, rectangular or oval, small, medium or large; we make Waterproof Liners in all shapes and sizes > 

Shop the Black Friday Offer collection of luxe dog beds >

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