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For Muddy Dogs

Sharing your home with a dog that likes to get muddy doesn’t mean that you can’t have a super-stylish dog bed! All Charley Chau luxury dog beds and blankets are designed to be as practical as they are gorgeous. We like everything to be super-easy to clean and maintain, and we have a rule of machine washable everything.

Waterproof Mattress Liners available for all Charley Chau luxury dog beds

All of our luxury dog beds have a removable outer cover and Waterproof Mattress Liners are available to protect the mattress inner from mud, moisture and other doggie muckiness. The bed covers, mattress inners and Waterproof Liners are machine washable making it super-easy to keep your dog’s bed hygienically clean!

When choosing the outer cover for a very muddy dog we recommend going with darker base colours for obvious reasons. Try our Day Beds in Dotty Charcoal or Dotty Chocolate, or our Day Beds in Weave Havana or Pewter. And if your dog likes to nestle into cosy sides then take a look at our Deeply Dishy Bed in Dotty Chocolate or the Deeply Dishy Bed in Weave Havana or Pewter.

Spare Covers available too so you're never stuck on wash day

Spare Bed Covers are available for all Charley Chau luxury dog beds making life much, much easier on wash day. Great to have a spare as a back-up too in case of emergencies!  

Blanket Beds – a luxurious dog bed that’s practical enough for mega-muddy dogs!

If you live with a really, really muddy dog, a Blanket Bed could be the perfect solution. Create a super-cosy dog bed with our gorgeous Oval Rattan Baskets, dressed with a lovely pile of super-soft Double Fleece Blankets. No cover or mattresses to worry about – simply pop the blankets in the wash when they’re mucky. And the Rattan Baskets can be sprayed down in the garden with a hose pipe!

Stylish Blankets for Muddy Dogs

Dogs are surprisingly tactile creatures, even the most hardy country dogs, and blankets are a fabulous way of adding an extra bit of comfort and warmth to your dog’s bed, but they also help to keep an existing dog bed cleaner for longer when used as a bed liner.

When choosing blankets for muddy dogs, go with moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that take moisture away from your dog’s coat and dry super-fast too. Our gorgeous Double Fleece Blankets are perfect, and the large size is big enough to cover the back seat of the car as well fabulous on your sofa.

And don’t forget that even muddy dogs enjoy a little bit of pampering too - our Faux-Fur Blankets are machine washable so your muddy dog can enjoy an indescribably soft and warm blanket that will look fabulous in your home but is super-easy to keep clean! Particularly recommended for mud monsters are our Faux-Furs in Charcoal and Snow Leopard!

Browse our Muddy Dog Collection below and, as always, if you have any questions or need any advice don’t hesitate to drop us a line:

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