Dog Baskets & Bed Frames

Our collection of luxury dog baskets and bed frames started when we tried to find a good old fashioned wicker dog basket for our own dogs and couldn't, or at least we couldn't find one that we thought was smart enough! So we introduced our Raised Wicker Dog Basket and dressed it with a Charley Chau Day Bed and coordinating Bed Bumpers to create a super-cosy Raised Wicker Dog Bed. Since then we've added more old-school style with our Oval Rattan Dog Baskets in Natural and Oval Greywash Baskets, as well as our rather special Raised Rattan Dog Bed. And last but not leas the Raised Wooden Dog Bed is, well, just stunning. 

Whether you want a cosy basket to place on the kitchen floor or a raised bed to keep your dog out of cold draughts, we hope you'll love our unique collection of luxury dog baskets and bed frames.