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Charley Chau Italian Greyhound Dogs

We're not just another faceless company on the internet - we're two sisters and four Italian Greyhounds growing a small British business (find out more About Us) and would love it if you stayed in touch!

We're out and about through the year at events up and down the country- see Show Dates - and love being able to meet our customers and other friends in person - soooo much nicer than email!

We keep up with many of our customers and other friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and share lots of photos from our customers and other friends.

On our Blog you'll find news about Charley Chau but we also write about what it's like to try to develop a small business from scratch, and some of the fantastic people that we meet along the way. We also post fab photos of our four little monkeys - Charley, Anna, Tino and Theo without whom Charley Chau would never have come into being.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!