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Official Stockists

As well as here on our own website, genuine Charley Chau dog beds and blankets can also be purchased at the following official Charley Chau retailers:

  • Holly & Lil - - online and in-store
    Visit online or head to Elaine's gem of a store in London at 90 Tower Bridge Road, London, London, SE1 4TP, UK.
  • House of Hound - - in-store only
    Visit the lovely Darren and his team at 43 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5NQ.
  • - online
    Our products are available on Notonthehighstreet and while orders through that site are placed with Notonthehigstreet, we actually fulfil and ship the orders from our HQ in Manchester.
  • Petiquette Collars - - online
    Geoff at Petiquette is the very talented collar maker behind the Napa Leather collars and leads available on our website and he has a small selection of Charley Chau beds and blankets available through his website too.
  • Philomena London - - online
    Philomena have a small selection of Charley Chau beds and blankets which you can order online or at one of the many shows that they attend throughout the year.

Beware of the fakes!

We're increasingly aware of rogue traders using Charley Chau images of Charley Chau beds and blankets to sell fake Charley Chau products on Amazon, Ali Express, eBay and on independent pet boutique websites.  Please note that they are selling fakes and Charley Chau does not supply them with our products.

The sellers are downloading Charley Chau photographs and using them without authorisation and in breach of our copyright. 

All fabric-based Charley Chau beds are made by specialist teams based in the UK but no one team makes a whole Charley Chau bed - the component parts are all delivered to Charley Chau HQ which is where the magic happens to bring everything together. As a result, no other company can actually replicate a genuine Charley Chau Bed to the exceptional standards that we deliver.

If you would like a genuine Charley Chau bed or blanket for your dog, please order with Charley Chau directly or with one of our official stockists.