Trade Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in stocking Charley Chau luxury dog beds and stylish dog blankets! 

We are a very small business but we're committed to providing excellent levels of service to all of our customers whether they have purchased from us directly or through a third party retailer. 

We are currently not looking to expand our portfolio of online online retail partners unless the new partner has an exceptional, unique proposition that really sets them apart from other online retailers. 

We are actively looking to expand our network of physical retail partners both in the pet boutique sector and lifestyle/interiors sector.

Ideally you will:

  • Share our passion for products of exceptional quality;
  • Be committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that all of your customers are happy customers;
  • Have an existing range of dog beds and blankets that are complimentary to the Charley Chau collection;
  • Be willing to promote Charley Chau products to your customers;
  • Have a brand that is empathetic to the Charley Chau brand.

Other factors we consider include whether or not your business is similar, or the same as, any of our existing partners and in the case of online retailers how much cross-over there may be with existing partners' audiences. With physical stores we will consider proximity to other Charley Chau retailers.

If you would like to become an approved Charley Chau retailer please fill in the form below so that we can learn a little more about your business and assess whether or not there might be potential to create a mutually successful and long-lived partnership.

Drop-ship websites and marketplaces

We are not actively looking to expand our portfolio of dropship partners at this time. However if you have a unique and compelling proposition that brings something new and exciting to the world of doggy shopping then please do get in touch with us.