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Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

Our usual office hours are Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Our office is closed on UK public holidays but our online store is always open!

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"Curiosity & Surprise" - your chance to win one of our lovely Faux-Fur Blankets!

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With Valentine's fast approaching we thought we'd celebrate by sharing a little bit of charleylove and give you the chance to win a Charley Chau Faux-Fur Blanket for your dog to curl up in - perfect for snuggling on the sofa while we're being hit by this awful weather! 

You could win one of our fabulous Faux-Fur Blankets for your dog - like this lovely Oatmeal blanket with pale caramel tones!

The lucky winner will get to choose their favourite blanket (in any size) from our Faux-Fur collection and we will send it out for them and their dog to enjoy - a fab Valentine's treat worth up to £125! 

Available in five fabulous faux-furs and each one backed with a super-soft co-ordinating fleece, they're just gorgeous! And they're machine washable too! View the Faux-Fur Blanket Collection.

Maybe you would choose a walk on the wild side with our gorgeous Snow Leopard Faux-Fur

If you would like the chance to win one of our fab blankets then read on ...

"Curiosity & Surprise"

Now this is probably not what you were expecting but to enter take a look at the twelve shapes below and use them to draw a picture that represents "curiosity and surprise". Use all twelve shapes and each shape only once. And do not add any other shapes!  

For those who are now crestfallen at the thought of having to draw, the good thing is that anyone can get involved, regardless of how good or bad you are at drawing! We're talking about two triangles, two rectangles, six sticks and two dots - there's not really any drawing involved, more a re-arrangement of shapes with a little imagination! And there is no right or wrong answer - it's not a riddle! 

Email your entries to us by 12pm (GMT) on Friday, 14 February 

Once you've drawn your picture take a photo or scan your masterpiece and email it to us by 12pm (GMT) on Friday, 14 February 2014 to:

Please include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your address (to ship the blanket to if you win)
  3. The name of your dog
  4. Your dog's breed type (or best guestimate if not known)
  5. And your picture (a photo of it or a scan)

Note that we will not pass on your personal details to any third party in line with our privacy policy.

How will the winner be chosen?

We will be choosing the winner at Charley Chau HQ based on who we think has drawn the picture that best represents curiosity and surprise. Obviously our decision will be a subjective one but our decision is final and there will be no negotiations - or acceptance of bribes!

We will announce the winner around 2.30pm (GMT)  on Friday,14 February 2014 on the Charley Chau Blog and the Charley Chau Facebook page as a nice Valentine's surprise for one lucky person and their dog! 

The Small Print

This competition is open to anyone wherever you are in the world! The prize offered is one Charley Chau Faux-Fur Blanket to be chosen by the nominated winner from the existing Charley Chau Faux-Fur Blanket Collection. The winner can choose from the faux-furs in our available sizes. The retail value of the prize is up to £125.00 GBP. No alternative prizes are available and there is definitely no cash alternative! Charley Chau will ship the blanket to the winner free of charge.

Entries must be sent to the competition email by 12pm (GMT) on Friday, 14 February 2014. Any entries received after that time will not be considered.

By emailing your drawing to us you give us permission to publish the image online - that may be on our website and Facebook and any other online channels we may use.

We make one small request of the winner - simply to take a photo of their dog with their lovely new Charley Chau Faux-Fur Blanket and email it to us. It's nice to share :-)  

And if you have been very diligent and bothered to read the small print then you'll be pleased to know that if you enter this competition and you don't win there might be a little something as a lovely Valentine's surprise for you and your dog anyway! 

The winner will be chosen by the Charley Chau team based on what we think is the picture that best represents "Curiosity & Surprise". Our decision is final and we hope there'll be no quibbling!

Where the heck did this come from?

Well, we have form at Charley Chau for random competitions (remember Roast Chicken & Tennis Balls?) and this one is inspired by the horrid weather we're being subjected to at the moment, and days gone by when as children we'd be stuck indoors having to concoct games to amuse ourselves. Not wishing to "date" ourselves too much that was before the Internet came along and there were only four television channels!