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The winner of the Raised Rattan Dog Bed is...

Congratulations to Jane Humberstone who is the lucky winner chosen at random of the Charley Chau Raised Rattan Dog Bed in our prize draw! 

And a huge thank you to everyone who entered the draw and joined in the fun! There was a huge number of entries with over 1600 shares of the post - amazing! 

We're still tickled pink every time we see our Raised Rattan Dog Bed in the Halifax TV ad with gorgeous Walter the Afghan perched on top of it! 

But it's not over yet ... we're running a Treasure Hunt to finish!

To close this prize draw we've arranged a little "treasure hunt" here on our website and three people now have the chance to win a little something from the Charley Chau collection! 

Somewhere on our website we have placed a little smiley face that looks a little bit like this:

The smiley face you need to look for is a bit like this, not exactly the same but similar.

The first three people to email us with a link to the page that the smiley face is on will receive a lovely gift from Charley Chau for their dog(s). The smiley face is on the prize that they will win! 

So, just to recap ... look for a smiley face somewhere on our website (not the one on this page obviously). If you find it, email us on but be quick - the first three people to email us with the correct link will win a lovely Chalrey Chau prize! 


UPDATE! We've had some super-fast treasurer hunters and we have 3 winners! Winners will be announced on Facebook ( shortly!

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