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Charley says ... #3: butter wouldn't melt ...

The Charley Chau Italian Greyhound pack
Do we look like we could be anything but angelic?!!!

So most of you probably see photos of me being handsome, Anna being pretty, Theo being cute and Ninja being, well, Ninja, and think we’re sweet and lovely and generally gorgeous. And you’re right.

But we’re also very good at running rings around the humans. So much so that we actually run the office. And we rule the humans. This is how it should be as far as I am concerned.

But the humans don’t agree and they’re fighting back. They’ve called in a Doggie Dictator. I heard them talking on the phone. It sounds like the DD is coming to visit tomorrow. This is not good news.

I have met DDs before. First when I was a puppy and had to go every Monday to a DD class with other puppies and their humans. They made us do stupid things in return for food. I did the stupid things and took the food and now only do things when I want to.

And then another DD when I started biting the human’s ankles when I was still a puppy. Well, it was the only way to let her know that I didn’t want play time to end and that I thought it was very wrong to put all the toys away. She didn’t appreciate the ankle biting much and called in a DD in who told her I needed more boundaries and that was the end of me on the sofa for a while. I stopped biting her feet so she let me back on the sofa in the end. We agreed to a truce - no more ankle biting in return for no more doggie dictator nonsense.

Anyway, so what have we done to warrant a call to the DD?

Nothing as far as I’m concerned.

Well, maybe the barking is a bit much. I like to guard the office. When the courier arrives every day I bark like mad and act like I want to jump the gate and kill the courier. Tino doesn’t like strange men so he joins in and barks like mad too. Theo comes and shows a bit of solidarity and stands with us at the gate but doesn’t bark. Anna is a right goodie goodie and stays in bed. And when we're barking, we don't pay any attention to the humans at all. I think this is what is upsetting them really.  

This happens every day at 4pm. It’s just a bit of sport as far as I’m concerned but it upsets the humans. They say the entire building can hear us. Pah! I don’t think it warrants a call to the DD even if the whole World can hear us!

Then there’s Theo. He hates big dogs. And when we’re out walking he goes mad every time we see a big dog. I don’t know why he doesn’t like big dogs. I like big dogs and so does Tino. Anna doesn’t mind them either. Anyway, when Theo goes mad at a big dog the humans get stressed.  They think he’s going to get his head bitten off if it carries on.

Now I think lots of dogs do stuff like this every day but the humans say that with four of us acting like mad dogs something needs to be done. I think the humans are being wholly unreasonable.

Anyway, I am determined to make a fool of the humans and the DD and Tino has promised to help me so I’ll let you know how we get on.

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