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Charley Chau is a member of ACID - Anti-Copying In Design

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Charley Chau is a member of ACID


When we started our small business by accident we had no idea that the designs we have created, the words we have written, and even the photos we have taken would become a target for copying. Nor did we ever think that we would have to spend an awful lot of time learning about how to protect and enforce our intellectual property rights. That's why we joined ACID - Anti-Copying In Design.

Just like many other innovative small businesses who are out there trying to do something different, we spend an extraordinary amount of time designing and developing our products and it's terribly disheartening to see someone else take all of that hard work and copy it. It's also pretty grizzly when we see words that we've written, images that we've taken and even our overall "look" being copied by someone else. 

We take all infringements of our intellectual property rights very seriously. There is no point in mincing our words here - we have and will continue to enforce those rights and take action against third parties that infringe our rights whether that's through copying our designs, words, images or presentation.  

We love what we do and we'll keep doing what we do best - designing fantastically comfortable luxury dog beds and blankets that are gorgeous and practical. And when we see someone copying our work, well, we will do what we have to do to protect our intellectual property, but at the same time we will also poke some fun to keep us sane ... 

Because some things are just pants in comparison!

For more information about the protection of intellectual property rights please see the ACID website and the Intellectual Property Office.