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Funniest Photo Facebook Competition

"It' *Bark Out Loud*"
Cat Greyhound by Jacqui S King

A lovely, funny and honest photo that we thought captured the whole essence of our competition!

"Quick, the baby is coming, get some hot water and Charley Chau blankets!!!"
Dermot by Alison Clarke

It was the caption that did it for us!

"Window shopping"
Peanut by Kate Larsen

Just one of those perfect moments :-)

The weather was so miserable at the weekend that we decided to do something fun to cheer ourselves and all our friends up.  We ran a 'Funniest Photo Competition through our Facebook page ( with one of our lovely Pure New Wool Blankets up for grabs as the prize for the best photo received.  

Over 70 fantastic and fantastically funny photos were posted and emailed - a huge thank you to everyone who took part! We hope you all enjoyed looking at them as much as we did :-) You can see all of the entries in our Funniest Photo Competition Album on Facebook.

There were soooo many great photos to choose from, but choose we had to, and it was very tricky indeed.  So tricky in fact that we just couldn't do it and ended up with three winners instead of one! All three of the winners got to choose one of our lovely Charley Chau Pure New Wool Blankets in their favourite colour from our range!  

Congratulations to Cat Greyhound and Jacqui, Alison and Dermot and last but not least, Peanut and Kate!

Sorry that not everyone could win but thank you all for sharing such wonderfully funny photos with us and all our friends on Facebook!  Keep your eyes on our Facebook page in future as we had so much fun we might just run another photo competition again soon! 

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