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The Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards week 4 finalist is ...

The final week of the Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards and we had some fantastic stories and photos for our theme: dogs that make you laugh.  The prize this week ... one of our gorgeous Oval Rattan Baskets!
So, our fourth finalist is ... Jacky Roberts and Norris!   Why?  Well, read their story below ... 
"I always said I wanted a Bedlington Lurcher, friends had lurchers and they were gentle, quiet, elegant creatures who spelt alot and got to wear beautiful collars and coats. Then I took on Norris (so named because of his eerie resemblance to a certain Coronation Street character). After he'd eaten the cupboard doors, the mop, the hoover, TV unit, DVD's, books and pretty much anything else not tied down friends started telling me how AWFUL bedlington whippett crosses could be and I really shouldn't have got one of those!!!!!
Despite it all I cannot help but adore this skinny black monster. He chases my cats, is utterly awful with strangers, hates other dogs that are not his own and would chase and kill anything if allowed off lead but still every single day he does something that makes me roar with laughter. Even down to killing his lovely memory foam I walked into the room he went and lay on it and grinned proudly at me as if to say 'look I did art mummy'!!
Last week I lost my old staffy boy to cancer, without Norris the week would have been so much harder. He's been my constant comfort, his head on my knee and a gentle kiss to lick away my tears. And when I've been really low, he'll spin around like a top and make the silliest noises which just make me giggle. He might be the devil in a little dogs body but he's my devil and without him the day would be so much less fun." 
Congratulations to Jacky & Norris!!!
So, Jacky & Norris were our fourth finalists ... who of the four very deserving finalists would go on to win the overall Charley Chau Companion Dog Awards .... 
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