The Blanket Bed by Charley Chau

A Blanket Bed is a good old fashioned dog bed that is cosy as well as very practical - particularly good for muddy dogs! 

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and a Blanket Bed is one that is often overlooked but one which we recommend to many of our customers who want a bed that's super-cosy for their dog while being super-easy to keep clean.

A Blanket Bed for dogs is a very simple concept - take a classic Oval Rattan Dog Basket and fill it with our super-soft Double Fleece Blankets to create a warm and snuggly bed for your dog, and add a machine washable Faux-Fur Blanket for a really luxurious finish!

Natural Oval Rattan Dog Basket shown with Double Fleece Dog Blankets in Oyster

So what’s so brilliant (aside from being super cosy and looking fabulous) about a pile of blankets in a basket? Well here’s the “science” bit …

Breathability is key to the perfect Blanket Bed. A dog bed is a relatively moisture-rich environment and warm, moist environments tend to encourage bacterial growth so we need to do everything we can to minimise the moisture while retaining the warmth.


An Oval Rattan Basket works well for dogs because the woven construction is well-ventilated and condensation is less likely to form on the sides of the basket than with a solid plastic basket, especially on cold winter nights. 

The choice of blankets for the Blanket Bed is also critical as different fabrics and textiles have different properties. Our Double Fleece Blankets are made from a super-soft, high-performance anti-pil fleece, designed to be warm and cosy but also moisture-wicking so that they take moisture away from the dog’s body. We even keep them in the car to use as rub-down towels at the end of wet walks as they dry really quickly too! They’re perfect for keeping your dog warm and cosy but fresh and comfortable too. You can of course use existing blankets - just make sure they're a moisture-wicking fabric to ensure maximum breathability.

Greywash Oval Rattan Basket shown here with Double Fleece Blankets in OysterFaux-Fur Blanket in Foxy.

With the right volume of blankets placed in the bottom of the basket a Blanket Bed is an incredibly comfortable bed – soft, warm and cosy. Most dog people know the little digging dance - the one where they dig a little, spin around a little and then settle down for a serious snooze. A Blanket Bed allows your dog to dig around and make their own perfect little nest!

And of course a Blanket Bed is practical, even for big muddy dogs, as the moisture-wicking blankets dry very quickly which is handy when the dog comes in from the rain. And you can’t get much easier than popping a couple of blankets in the wash with no covers and no mattress to worry about!

To create the perfect Blanket Bed for your dog simply choose the Oval Rattan Dog Basket to suit your home interior, and then add some lovely blankets to dress the basket. Cosy, stylish and practical too - just as you would expect from Charley Chau.

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