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Our new website is live!

Screenshot of new website home pageWe are delighted that our new website is now live! 

Like most small businesses we don't have a huge budget to spend on design agencies and website development so we've opted for a DIY approach and built this ourselves - don't worry it is built it on a market-leading secure eCommerce platform so it's not quite as scary as it sounds! 

Just some of the things we love about our new website:

  1. Clearer layout - with lots of space to feature our whole range but still really easy to browse around
  2. Product Filters - in each product section there's a little drop down box in the top right so you can find exactly what you're looking for more easily
  3. Special Offer Tags - all of our beds and blankets that have a special offer associated with them are tagged so look out for those in each product section!
  4. Your Account  - the account pages are soooo much better than on our old site! Easy to manage your details and shipping addresses, as well as check your orders.  

A note to our existing customers ... we have created new user accounts for all existing customers who who have previously placed an order via our old website and you should receive an account activation email from us in the next few days :-)

And while we have launched this new site today, there's still more to come ... a new card payments gateway so you have more choice on checkout and a version optimised for mobile are on their way too!

As with the launch of any new site there may be small glitches lurking around, despite us testing it to death, so please bear with us while the new site "settles down".  If you have any feedback at all (good or bad) please feel free to leave a comment or email us on Enjoy!


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