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The Charley Chau boys hijack our photo shoot

Today we had to photograph some of our beds at Charley Chau HQ. Unusually for Charley Chau we wanted photos of our beds on their own without our little monkeys in them.

An hour in and I had just put a large Snuggle Bed on the table when the phone rang and I had to go off and chat to a customer. When I got back, this was the scene that greeted me ... 

TheCharley Chau boys having commandeered the Snuggle Bed

We don't encourage our monkeys to climb on furniture but they are little monkeys and like to climb on furniture. The Snuggle Bed on the table was obviously too tempting! They looked so adorable that I couldn't bear to disturb them so I left them there ... and took the opportunity to film a little video too which is now on the Charley Chau YouTube channel!


The boys stayed like that with a couple of minor position shifts for the best part of an hour and a half. So much for my photographs of beds without dogs in! Oh well, mañana, mañana!

Snoozing in their Charley Chau Snuggle Bed

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