Luxury Dog Beds & Blankets made in England with love

Ironically for a small business founded by two fluent Chinese speakers, all Charley Chau fabric-based luxury dog beds and blankets are made in England with love!

We design our collection of luxury dog beds and dog blankets at Charley Chau HQ in Manchester and work with some amazing specialists across the UK to have all of our fabric-based beds and blankets made to Charley Chau's exact specifications. Take our Deeply Dishy Dog Bed for example - it takes three different specialist teams to produce all of the component parts for the bed before they are all delivered to Charley Chau HQ where we put everything together and quality check every single bit before they're allowed to go to our customers! 

Our fabric-based dog beds and blankets are not just made in England, they're made in England with love!