Replacement Deep-Filled Luxury dog Bed Mattress

Replacement Deep-Filled Dog Mattresses

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Replacement Deep-Filled Luxury Dog Bed Mattresses – round, rectangular and oval – so that you never have to send a whole Charley Chau dog bed to landfill.

Our deep-filled luxury mattress pads are designed to deliver exceptional long-term performance but we also know as dog lovers that unexpected catastrophes can happen. If your Charley Chau Mattress has encountered an irreversible trauma (we’ll leave it to your imagination), the good news is that Replacement Mattresses are available! We also think it's a good thing to replace your dog's mattress each year in line with the guidance for human pillows - after all, bedding does see a lot of use, especially if your dog sleeps in the same bed all day and all night.

Charley Chau Mattress Pads are deep-filled with insulating hollow fibre (commonly found in human anti-allergy pillows) and designed with internal wall panels to help prevent the fibre filling from moving around so that your dog won’t have to put up with unwelcome lumps or bumps even after washing in a machine.

Replacement Deep-Filled Dog Bed Mattress Highlights:

  • Deep-filled with insulating hollowfibre to deliver incredible comfort and support – our fill ratio is unrivalled by any other UK dog bed brand.
  • Constructed inside like a sofa seat cushion with baffles in the casing that minimise fibre migration so that your dog never has to put up with unwelcome lumps or bumps, even after washing.
  • Machine washable
  • Made in England with love.

Rectangular Mattress:

  • Rectangular - Small - 60x50cm
  • Rectangular - Medium - 75x55cm
  • Rectangular - Medium Plus - 80x68cm
  • Rectangular - Large - 95x70cm

Round Mattress:

  • Round - Small - 55cm diameter
  • Round - Medium - 65cm diameter
  • Round - Large - 80cm diameter

Oval Mattress:

  • Oval - Extra Small - 50x39cm
  • Oval - Small - 58x48cm
  • Oval - Medium - 73x60cm
  • Oval - Large - 80x70cm
  • Oval - Extra Large - 96x80cm

For further guidance on measuring your dog and choosing the right size see our Dog Bed Size Guide.

Key to comfort in any dog bed is the mattress. Charley Chau’s Deep-Filled Mattress is constructed like a sofa seat cushion with internal baffles (wall panels) that minimise fibre-migration, to prevent unwelcome lumps and bumps from forming, even after washing.

Designed to provide fabulous comfort and support over time and made in England with a polycotton casing and insulating hollowfibre inside.

Machine washable.

Extra-Small, Small and Medium size mattresses can generally be washed at home in a domestic washing macine.

Large and Extra-Large size mattresses should be washed in a large capacity machine.

Washcare labels are stitched into every component part of a Charley Chau bed and blanket for ease of reference on wash days.

We’re happy to accept any item that remains unused for an exchange or refund, and if you request a refund we will even refund any UK shipping fees paid on the original order. Please notify us within 14 days of receiving your items on For full details see our Returns, Exchanges and Refunds Policy.

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