Waterproof Dog Bed Liner for Ducky donut Dog Bed
Waterproof Dog Bed Liner for Round Dog Bed Mattress
Charley Chau Waterproof Dog Bed Protector
Ducky Donut Dog Bed by Charley Chau - feather filled donut dog bed
Luxury Round Dog Bed Mattress - Charley Chau circular dog bed mattress Day Bed in  upholstery fabric

Waterproof Bed Liners for Round Mattresses & Ducky Donut Dog Bed

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Waterproof Dog Bed Liners for the Ducky Donut Dog Bed protect the internal mattress and the feather pads in the donut nest from dirt, dust and animal dander so that your dog’s bed can stay clean and fresh for longer.

Waterproof Dog Bed Liners are brilliant for keeping a dog bed cleaner for longer, offering barrier protection, keeping dust, dirt and moisture out of your dog’s mattress and donut pads.

Waterproof Dog Bed Liner Highlights:

  • Offers barrier protection to keep animal dander and dirt out of your dog’s mattress.
  • A technical fabric more commonly used for human pillow protectors in healthcare settings.
  • Soft and breathable – the fabric doesn’t rustle or crunch.
  • Liners available for the mattress in the base of the Ducky Donut Dog Bed, as well as for the feather pads in the donut nest.
  • Made in England with love.

Waterproof Liners for the Round Mattress and the Donut Nest (the bed sides) are sized to fit the Charley Chau Ducky Donut Dog Bed.

Round Mattress (also the base of the Ducky Donut Dog Bed) 

  • Small - approx. 55cm diameter
  • Medium - approx. 65cm diameter
  • Large - approx. 80cm diameter

Donut Nest (with 6 x Feather Pads):

  • Small - base approx. 60cm diameter
  • Medium - base approx. 75cm diameter
  • Large - base approx. 90cm diameter

For further guidance on measuring your dog and choosing the right size see our Dog Bed Size Guide.

A soft, breathable waterproof fabric that acts as a barrier to dust, dirt and animal dander to keep your dog's bed hygienically clean for longer. This fabulously technical fabric is more commonly found on pillow protectors for humans in healthcare settings.

Machine washable.

Washcare labels are stitched into every component part of a Charley Chau bed and blanket for ease of reference on wash days.

We’re happy to accept any item that remains unused for an exchange or refund, and if you request a refund we will even refund any UK shipping fees paid on the original order. Please notify us within 14 days of receiving your items on hello@charleychau.com. For full details see our Returns, Exchanges and Refunds Policy.

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