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Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors

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While our own dogs are very short coated, we’re aware that many of our canine customers are not and will need some grooming care and maintenance while their regular groomers are closed.

Luckily Claire, who is part of our show team, is also a professional dog groomer and is advising her clients to use these safety scissors for top-up maintenance.

Perfect for trimming hair around the corner of the eyes to keep hair out of eyes, feet, and around a dog’s bottom for a sanitary trim. The bullnose end on these safety scissors is blunt which can help avoid a nasty accident.

These safety scissors are also good all-round general trimming scissors for your dog’s coat.  

From the manufacturer:

  • Tempered steel for a robust and long-lasting tool
  • Professional quality safety scissors
  • With a rounded end for increased safety

To use:

Make sure your dog is calm and comfortable. Prepare your dog coats so that it is free of tangles and mats and can be combed through easily. Simply pull the hair that you wish to remove away from the main coat, and cut away with the scissors. As always, if you are new to grooming, “start small” and only do a little at a time to ensure that you and your dog have time to become accustomed to the process. Pause or stop if your dog becomes agitated.


These scissors have a sharp blade. Use extreme caution when grooming near your dog's eyes and ears, or when cutting near to the skin.