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Oval Rattan Dog Basket - Natural Rattan
A classic rattan dog basket
Woven as with a wicker dog basket but using beautiful, durable Rattan
Dress the Rattan Basket with super-soft fleece blankets
Dress with super-soft blankets to create a cosy Blanket Bed

Oval Rattan Dog Baskets - Natural

Basket options

We love a good old-fashioned Oval Rattan Dog Basket!

The Charley Chau Oval Rattan Dog Basket in Naural Rattan is is woven with beautiful rattan canes in warm, golden tones. Classic, timeless styling.

We choose Rattan to create our wicker dog baskets because Rattan is a strong and durable natural cane that can cope with being dragged around and bashed in a bit, unlike some of the cheaper wicker baskets available which are often woven with Willow which in relative terms is brittle and less robust. This is a wicker style dog basket that is made to last - Rattan can even be used to make outdoor planters for your garden!

Our Oval Rattan Baskets are available to order on their own but if you're looking for ideas to dress the basket then Charley Chau Double Fleece Blankets are the perfect partner to create a Blanket Bed or take a look at our Rattan Dog Basket & Two-Tone Deep-Filled Mattress Set with 10% off the price of the basket and mattress compared to when ordering separately. 

Sizing - Oval Rattan Dog Baskets in Natural

Available in four sizes. Approximate dimensions (external // internal cm) and number of Double Fleece Blankets recommended for a Blanket Bed:

  • Small - 59x54x23cm // 53x48x21cm - 2 x Medium Blankets
  • Medium - 70x62x25cm // 64x56x23cm – 2 x Large Blankets
  • Large - 82x72x29cm // 76x66x27cm - 3 x Large Blankets
  • Extra Large - 95x82x31cm // 89x76x29cm - 3 x Large Blankets

Rattan is a natural cane so please be aware that the colour of each basket can vary slightly to the photos shown.

If you are unsure about what size basket you should choose for your dog please see our Dog Bed Size Guide.

Care guide

Charley Chau Natural Rattan Dog Baskets are very easy to keep clean – wipe with a damp cloth (do not use anything abrasive) to keep the rattan clean. If the basket is really mucky for any reason then spray it down with a hosepipe and leave to dry naturally.

Rattan Dog Baskets are not suitable for dogs that like to chew furniture and we recommend you wait to invest in a Rattan Basket if your dog is a young puppy!

If you have wooden flooring, or other types of flooring that may be prone to scratching, we recommend that the Rattan Dog Basket is placed on a rug or other lining to avoid any potential scratching of your floor surface.