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Our new Rectangular Greywash Rattan Basket - as enjoyed by the four monkeys!

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 Charley Chau Dressed Greywash Rattan Dog Basket Love is ... sharing your Charley Chau Rattan Basket with your best friend

We just wanted to share a few photos that we've taken over the last few weeks of our gang enjoying the latest addition to our collection of Rattan Dog Baskets – the Rectangular Greywash Rattan Dog Basket.

Charley Chau Dressed Greywash Rattan Dog Bed in Great SpotSardines - Charley & Theo

Dressed Greywash Rattan Basket in Dotty Charcoal The two little boys quite often curl up together - little monkeys!

Charley Chau Dressed Rattan Basket in Great SpotTheo - smiling in his sleep

We're very lucky to have such obliging dog models! As you can probably imagine we have a lot of beds around our office so our gang are spoilt for choice every day when they come into work with us. One particular spot in our office is set up as a studio space where we take all of the photos for our website, and there’s always a bed there so our gang just treat it like any of the other beds in the office. We always have a camera handy to catch any particularly cute moments as they happen!

Tino being exceptionally sweet with Theo

Charley Chau Rattan Dog BasketThe boys - taken just as we were about to leave the office - they were fed up with waiting for us to shut down our laptops and piled into the basket as if to make the point that we were taking too long!

Rectangular Greywash Rattan Dog Basket
The Charley Chau Rectangular Greywash Rattan Basket is available as a basket only option for you to dress as you like

Charley Chau Dressed Rattan Dog Basket
Available as a Dressed Rectangular Greywash Rattan Dog Basket in three sizes and four fab cotton prints with 20% off the price of the Day Bed Mattress and Bumper Set!

Dressed Greywash Rattan Dog Basket