Made in England with love

Charley Chau - made in England with love

Ironically, for a small business founded by two fluent Chinese speakers, all Charley Chau fabric-based luxury dog beds and blankets are made in England with love!

We design our beds and blankets at Charley Chau HQ in Manchester and work with some amazing specialists across the UK to have all of our fabric-based beds and blankets made to very precise Charley Chau specifications.

Take our Deeply Dishy Dog Bed for example ... the Deeply Dishy Mattress Cover is sewn by a team specialising in stitching high-quality home furnishings; the Deeply Dishy Bed Sides are sewn by a team that specialises in working with wadding fillings; the luxury Mattress Inner is made by a company that only makes mattresses.



The Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Bed in Weave by Charley ChauThe Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Bed - the component parts of this bed are made by three different specialist teams in the UK before we put everything together at Charley Chau HQ!


Charley Chau Snuggle BedThe Faux-Fur Fleece lining in Charley Chau Snuggle Beds is knitted exclusively for Charley Chau in the UK


Raised Wooden Dog Bed by Charley ChauThe Charley Chau Raised Wooden Dog Bed - handcrafted in Lincolsnhire - it takes 2 weeks just to apply the five coats of paints we require to finish the bed!


So why do we go to all the trouble of coordinating production of the Deeply Dishy Bed in three different parts of the UK and then have everything brought to Charley Chau HQ for quality control?

Why do we have our Faux-Fur Fleece fabric knitted in the UK exclusively for Charley Chau to ensure that our Snuggle Beds, Faux-Fur Fleece Day Beds and Comforters are super-cosy?

And why does it take two weeks just to apply the five coats of paint that finish the Charley Chau Raised Wooden Dog Bed?

The answer to each of these questions is the same – because it means we can deliver the exceptional quality that our customers expect from Charley Chau.

A huge amount of thought and care goes into every Charley Chau dog bed and blanket – that’s why Charley Chau beds and blankets are not just made in England, they're made in England with love!

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p.s. just to be 100% clear, we make one exception to our Made in England rule and that’s with our collection of beautiful Rattan Dog Baskets. The mattresses that go into the baskets are made in England but the rattan baskets themselves are made in Indonesia. Why did we break our Made in England rule? Again the answer lies in delivering exceptional quality.

Rattan is a much stronger and more durable than the Willow traditionally used to make wicker baskets in the UK. Wicker (Willow) tends to snap and split relatively easily whereas Rattan can take a good kicking! The problem we faced is that Rattan is grown mainly in South East Asia and as a result, the skills and expertise to produce exceptional rattan baskets is also in South East Asia. So in this instance we had to choose between making an inferior quality product in England (a rare problem), or having exceptional quality made in Indonesia. We chose the quality option. 

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