Accept Only The Best Bed For Your Dog This Winter

What a waste of money!

We all know that feeling - you purchase a dog bed that looks stylish and cosy. Your dog seems to like it but after a few months it starts to look sorry and sad. The mattress is turning lumpy and bumpy, the fabric looks worn, bobbled or faded, and it bears little resemblance to its original state.

Not all dog beds are made equal 

Dog Day Bed Mattress
This is no ordinary dog bed mattress - this is Charley Chau's Day Bed Mattress, in Faroe designed to keep Alfie the Labradoodle and canines everywhere in the comfort they deserve not just on the first day that they get their new bed but for many years to come!  

Most dog beds go wrong because they are not fit for function. Poor durability lies in the way they’re constructed and the materials that have been used. We look at how generic (but by no means cheap) dog beds are put together and help you learn about what makes a great investment for your dog’s sleep, so you can make better purchases in the future.

What you’re actually paying for

With a plethora of dog beds to choose from, of varying price points and styles and from all kinds of retailers it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Before you get seduced by a cheap price, an aesthetically pleasing fabric or style (think pet sofa to match your sofa), or even the bragging rights of a ‘luxury’ label, consider that they all tend to be made in the same way and often in the same factories.

A luxury label or hefty price tag is no guarantee of quality – some brands put smart looking fabrics onto a dog bed made in the same way as a cheap, poor quality dog bed. A poor-quality dog bed, no matter what the price, can mean things like:

  • less stitching to hold it together
  • fabrics that aren’t designed to withstand the daily use of a dog
  • fixed as opposed to removable covers
  • hand wash or wipe only maintenance

Most importantly, sub-standard construction often means that the fillings move around with use and wash, so the bed becomes lumpy, un-sightly and uncomfortable.

So, its fair to say that these beds aren’t always made with a dog’s best interest in mind.

We always recommend reading up on a dog bed to make sure that any claims about comfort and quality are substantiated. Learn how the bed is designed and constructed, what fillings are used and the quality of the fabrics used to finish the beds. Otherwise, you might fall quickly into the ‘pay half price, spend twice’ trap.

The sublime comfort and bedding brilliance is all in the detail

We approach design in excruciating detail – it’s why our Ducky Donut Bed took six years to make. Our obsession with detail meant that our largest Ducky Donut Bed requires 45m of stitching to complete, compared to just 3m of stitching for a regular donut bed in the same size by a zillion other dog bed brands. The result is a Donut Bed that will always come back to shape no matter how often
it’s washed.

Another example is our Day Bed Mattress. It’s a very simple style of dog bed and is a style commonly available within the market. But as it's a Charley Chau bed, there’s a lot going on under the covers. It has a removable cover for easy washing and the deep-filled luxury mattress inside is constructed like a sofa-seat cushion, so it has internal wall panels to stop the filling from moving around, maintaining its comfort and support even after washing.

Ducky Donut in Fern

It took six years to design and test our Ducky Donut Bed. One of it's many great features is that it has six individual sides, filled with ethically sourced duck-feathers which makes a cosy nest for your dog. The stitching in between the pads means that they don't move around and can be plumped back up. 

Brilliant fabrics make brilliant dog beds

Fabric choices are also key in what makes a good dog bed – and that’s not just to do with how it looks. All our fabric dog beds are fully machine washable inside and out with removable covers and spares also available. Living with a stinky, dirty dog bed is not something you’ll ever have to experience when shopping with us.

The use of upholstery grade materials is also a key factor in a good quality dog bed – and that’s all we use. We first introduced Velour into our collection in 2016. Obviously, velour is popular with home interiors and looks beautiful, but it's actually great for use with dogs; it feels soft, washes well
and the fur brushes off very easily.

Faroe is another fabric we were delighted to add into our range. It’s heavyweight with the look and feel of wool, making it excellent for winter, but it’s backed up with brilliant performance credentials too. It’s treated with a stain guard, so should a muddy paw mark mess up a freshly washed bed, the marks will wipe off easily with a damp cloth.

Faroe fabric and waterproof bed liner

The stain guarding on our upholstery quality Faroe fabric makes spot cleaning a breeze. 

Additions that will make your dog’s bed simply perfect!

Optional ‘extras’ products are not something commonly offered with dog beds. But living and breathing ultimate canine comfort is something we do at Charley Chau, so for us it's never just a dog bed. We offer Waterproof Dog Bed Liners to maintain hygiene for longer and protect the mattress, plus spare covers to help with wash days, accidents, style makeovers or seasonal changes from
warmer fabrics to cooler ones.

Our collection of blankets are saviours in winter. Not only do they make a dog’s bed cosy and snug but they provide a barrier between the bed and your little barker to keep their pad cleaner for longer. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, they will also help stop a soggy dog dampening their bed.

Then there’s our ‘scatter cushions’ for dog beds, which come in the shape of our Mini Bolster Pads. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also act as a barrier to draughts and a soft and warm bedfellow to nestle into. Plus they are great for giving senior dogs with ageing bones a little extra support.

Bliss Bolster BEd

Adding some simple accessories can elevate your dog bed, our faux fur blankets and mini bolster pads not only add a level of sumptuousness, but help you keep your dog's bed cleaner for longer. 

Invest in your dog’s long-term happiness

Purchasing a well-made dog bed will be more durable and long-lasting, thus worthy of your spend! But also remember a dog spends on average 12 to 14 hours a day sleeping, so you’re investing in the long-term wellbeing of your dog too. With a good quality bed, you’re offering them a more comfortable place to rest that will help them sleep better – and if they're designed correctly, they’ll
be easier to clean so they remain healthy snooze pads for your dog. They will have a bed that’s entirely theirs that they love (that isn’t their human’s bed or couch!) so more independence for you too!

Tangerine Snuggle Bed

We designed our signature Snuggle Bed over 13 years ago and because we have been obsessed about all things dog beds ever since, we know a thing or two about how they should be designed and made.

Snuggle season is here

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to buy a beautiful, well-constructed dog bed that will give your dog their perfect sleep, read our blog How to Choose the Best Winter Dog Bed to pick the perfect bed for your four-legged friend. 

You can also call or email to get tailored advice before purchasing a new dog bed.

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