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Replacement Feather Pads: Ducky Donut Bed, Bliss Bolster Bed & Mini Bolster Pads

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Let's hope that no catastrophes strike but in case they do we're here to help you avoid having to replace an entire bed. Individual Replacement Feather Pads are available for The Ducky Donut Bed, The Bliss Bolster Bed and Mini Bolster Pads.

Our Replacement Feather Pads are filled with ethically and humanely sourced duck feathers* and the casing is a featherproof cotton cambric that prevents feather quills from escaping the pad.

To choose the right Replacement Feather Pad, please see the size charts below. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise on sizes.

Ducky Donut Bed Feather Pad Sizes

The Ducky Donut Bed has six feather pads in the donut nest that surrounds the bed, all size pads in each bed are of equal size.

 Ducky Donut Bed Size Feather Pad Size 
Small A - approx. 31x24cm
Medium B - approx. 37x28cm
Large C - approx. 42x32cm

Example: To replace a feather pad in the Medium size Ducky Donut Bed select size "B". 

Bliss Bolster Bed Feather Pads Sizes 

The Bliss Bolster Bed has four feather pads in the bolster nest that surrounds the bed: two in the shorter sides and two in the longer sides. 

Bliss Bolster Bed Size Shorter Side Feather Pad Longer Side Feather Pad
D - approx. 50x32cm
E - approx.64x32cm
Medium  E - approx.64x32cm F - approx. 80x32cm
F - approx. 80x32cm
G - approx. 110x32

Examples: To replace a feather pad in the long side of a Small Bliss Bolster Bed select size "e". To replace a feather pad in the short side of the Large Bliss Bolster Bed select size "F". 

Mini Bolster Pad Feather Pad Sizes

Our Mini Bolster Pads (small scatter cushions) are accessories for The Bliss Bolster Bed.

 Mini Bolster Pad Size Feather Pad Size 
Size 1 (usually ordered  with a Small Bliss Bolster Bed) A - approx. 31x24cm
Size 2 (usually ordered  with a Small or Medium Bliss Bolster Bed)
B - approx. 37x28cm
Size 3 (usually ordered  with a Medium or Large Bliss Bolster Bed)
C - approx. 42x32cm
Size 4 (usually ordered  with a Medium Bliss Bolster Bed)
E - approx.64x32cm
Size 5 (usually ordered with a Large Bliss Bolster Bed)
F - approx. 80x32cm


Charley Chau Feather Pads are machine washable on a gentle wash, e.g. a delicates or handwash cycle, and should be dried thoroughly (think bone dry!) in a tumble drier as the action of the tumble drier will separate and plump the wet feathers after washing.  If drying naturally (not recommended), do so in a warm airing cupboard and give the pads a good "bash" frequently throughout the drying period. 

For detailed info on washcare labelling see our Nerds Guide to Washcare Labelling.

* A note about our ethically sourced duck feathers ... 

Our ethically sourced duck feather pads are made in England and our manufacturer sources the feathers that fill our pads from a Downpass certified feather supplier in Germany. This means that the feathers used in our pads are a by-product of the food industry and humanely sourced (i.e. not collected from live animals, nor from the foie gras industry).