Once in a while we manage to catch one of our monkeys on film doing something sweet, or we make a little video for Charley Chau.  All very home-made but it's fun and we enjoy it :-) We thought we'd start a little archive of video clips here but we'll keep posting clips to the Charley Chau YouTube channel too. Enjoy!

Sleepy Theo ... an insight into how we take our photographs at Charley Chau

A brief insight into how we go about taking the photos of our four little Italian Greyhounds for our website and all of our social media pages with Theo playing the starring role in this one! Find out more on the blog: Sleepy Theo

Hijacking the Snuggle Bed on our 'photo shoot'

We were very lucky that we had the camera and tripod set up the day when Charley, Tino & Theo decided to interrupt our photo shoot and take a nap together in this Charley Chau Snuggle Bed! We snapped an amazing photo of the three of them as well that afternoon - see the blog: 'The Charley Chau boys hijack our photo shoot".

Charley waiting to gobble down his treats

This was for fun - we ran a competition on Facebook to win one of our lovely Deeply Dishy Dog Beds. To enter our FB friends simply had to guess how long Charley sat there and waited before he gobbled down the treats! And the answer is on the blog: 'Winners of the Deeply Dishy Dog Bed Launch Competition Announced'.

Anna getting into her Snuggle Bed

This is the first video we ever filmed with a Charley Chau Snuggle Bed in it! We needed to explain how a Snuggle Bed works so decided to try and catch Anna getting into bed ... and it was a one take shoot! Partly because she doesn't like the camera so as soon as she saw it she headed for bed. Bless her! 

The Charley Chau Canine Choir

If you every thought that Italian Greyhounds are quiet little house dogs think again!

All about Charley Chau Blanket Beds

A photo montage type video that we put together about our Blanket Beds. If only we knew how to add a sound track!  Not tekkie enough though!

Tino having a 'funny five' minutes before bed

Tino is also known as the Little Ninja Dog at home ... he's completely bonkers but brilliant. This is what he does before bed every night. See what a Charley Chau Snuggle Bed is designed to withstand!

If you'd like to see more videos featuring the Charley Chau pack as we post them simply visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe!