Dog Crate Bed Bumpers (Crate Bumpers) Only

Soft and squidgy Bed Bumpers - perfect for crates and dog baskets

Charley Chau Crate Bumpers are perfect for lining the sides of a dog crate so that your dog can nestle into something soft and cosy rather than the horrid wire of a dog crate. Our Crate Bumpers are also fab in solid-sided dog beds such as Wicker or Rattan Dog Baskets or moulded, plastic "tub" beds.

Padded with a resilient wadding filling and made with three sections stitched together into one long continuous bumper, our Dog Crate Bed Bumpers are available to fit crates configured with a door opening on the narrow or long (wide) side of the crate. Our Crate Bumpers are also great for making a wicker or rattan dog basket super-cosy! 

Coordinating deep-filled Dog Crate Mattresses with Waterproof Bed Liners are also available to create an uber-cosy bed for your dog. 

Gorgeous and practical, and made in England with love!

Sizing & Dimensions

Size (to fit crate size) Narrow Opening
(approx. total length and section lengths)
Wide Opening
(approx. total length and section lengths)
Small - 24" / 60cm crate 171cm (62/47/62cm sections) x 22cm 156cm (47/62/47cm sections) x 22cm
Medium - 30" / 76cm crate 200cm (72/56/72cm sections) x 29cm 184cm (56/72/56cm sections) x 29cm
Large - 37" / 93cm crate 253cm (93/67/93cm sections) x 29cm 227cm (67/93/67cm sections) x 29cm

Crate sizes listed here are for guidance only as there are so many manufacturers of dog crates that make crates to different dimensions. Please note that dog crate shown in the photographs is not included with the Bed Bumpers and is shown for illustrative purposes only.


As you would expect from Charley Chau, our Bed Bumpers are fully machine washable.

 (see our Nerds Guide to Washcare for a guide to wash care symbols and for more info )


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