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Introducing The Bliss Bolster Bed

Introducing The Bliss Bolster Bed

We are over the moon to launch The Bliss Bolster Bed, the latest luxe dog bed to join the Charley Chau collection

We've been contemplating what makes the perfect bolster bed for over ten years and The Bliss Bolster Bed is our answer to that question.

While we launched Charley Chau with our signature Snuggle Bed in 2010, it was buying a bolster style bed when Anna came along that pushed Jenny and I to start designing and making our own dogs beds. The bed was pretty and expensive but not fit for function - the mattress was mean, the bed didn't wash well - and it soon followed all the other sub-standard dog beds that I ended up taking to the local charity shop.

We've drawn on all of our experience of designing luxury dog beds that are super-comfy, stylish and practical from the last decade to launch what we believe is the most blissful bolster style dog bed available. Shop The Bliss Bolster Bed >

Let's start with the bolsters ... 

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed

We've created a super-cosy bolster nest with four ethically sourced duck feather pads that are plump and squishy for dogs to nestle into, rest their chins on, or simply squish and squash to their heart’s content but the bed can simply be plumped back to shape - just as with our Ducky Donut Bed which is already a firm favourite with our canine customers.

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed

A note on our ethically sourced feathers ... our feather pad team use feathers that are Downpass certified which means that our feathers are a by-product of the food industry and humanely sourced (i.e. not collected from live animals, nor from the foie gras industry) and every single batch can be traced back to the parent farm. We could buy very cheap feathers but we choose not to. We hope our customers will agree that while it adds a significant amount to the cost of the bed, it is a cost worth paying.

The deep-filled luxury mattress

Charley Chau deep-filled dog bed mattress in Faroe Jade

Key to comfort in any dog bed is the mattress and we've launched The Bliss Bolster Bed with our luxury deep-filled mattress, tried and tested by thousands of dogs over the last decade. Filled with insulating hollowfibre, constructed inside like a sofa seat cushion with wall panels that help to stop the fibre from moving around so that the mattress stays soft and supportive over time with no horrid lumps and bumps even after washing. The mattress in the base of The Bliss Bolster Bed is also available to order as a stand along bed: Day Bed Mattress in Faroe >

A touch more bliss - Mini Bolster Pads

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Beds with Mini Bolster Pads

We've created Mini Bolster Pads to add to the The Bliss Bolster Bed as an option to bring a versatility to the bed for dogs to be as comfortable as possible. The pads are again inspired by Anna, our grand dame at nearly sixteen years old. Anna, like many dogs, needs additional support in her advanced years and she loves to sleep leaning up against a cushion. I've been making small bolster pads for Anna's beds for a few years now and it felt right that we add them to The Bliss Bolster Bed.

A new fabric - Faroe - in five gorgeous colourways

We've been testing woven wool upholstery fabrics for years and never found "the one". That was until we found Faroe. Faroe has the look, feel and warmth of a woven upholstery wool but without any of the downsides - because it's actually a rather clever, technical fibre made woven with polyester.

Faroe is tough, tough enough for heavy commercial upholstery use with a Martindale Score of 100,000, plus the fibres used to weave Faroe have been treated with a stain-guard that is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and is a dream to spot clean in between washes.

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed colour options

Style it up

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed in Pebble with Mini Bolster Pads in Lemongrass and Nimbus Grey

While the Mini Bolster Pads have a practical function, they offer a rather lovely point for styling too. The Bliss Bolster Bed and Mini Bolster Pads are available in Faroe in five gorgeous colourways that look fabulous together and we've had great fun putting together combinations of colours to dress our own dogs' Bliss Bolster Beds. Adding two Mini Bolster Pads to the Bliss Bolster Bed creates over 150 bed and mini pad combinations to choose from! 

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed with Mini Bolster Pads in various colours


Choose the main The Bliss Bolster Bed colour, and then add one, two or even a few Mini Bolster Pads in any of the five gorgeous colours to create your own unique Bliss Bolster Bed style.

Practical and machine washable

As with all Charley Chau beds, The Bliss Bolster Bed and Mini Bolster Pads have removable covers and machine washable everything, right down to the deep-filled mattress and feather bolster pads. Waterproof Bed Liners are also available. 

We believe that dog beds should perform over time and should anything catastrophic happen, Spare Covers and Replacement Pads are also available so that you can replace any component part of the Bliss Bolster Bed rather than having to buy a new bed.

Some things are better with time

Ten years is a long time to think about the design of a dog bed but some things are made better with time and experience. We think this is definitely true of The Bliss Bolster Bed.

Charley Chau Bliss Bolster Bed

The Bliss Bolster Bed is available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and five gorgeous colourways from £225.00. Mini Bolster Pads are available from £17.50. 

Take a look at the Bliss Bolster Bed >


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